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The Intelligent Choice for Today & Tomorrow

About Us

Established in 2019.

Hutcherson Construction is a General Contracting & Construction Management Firm. Focusing on bringing your Visions to life by providing 15 years experience to your project.


Highlighted experience consists of managing parts of The Construction of The Land of Pandora “Avatar land” in Walt Disney World. When The Land of Pandora was completed it was considered the most technologically advanced theme park In the world. 

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- Soft Story Retrofitting

- Grade Beams

- Concrete Foundation Repair

- Foundation Underpinning

- Foundation Replacement

- Sister Foundations

- Seismic Retrofitting

- Earthquake Bolting

- Spalling

- Waterproofing

Foundations in the Coastal Cities of Southern California

Let's Learn

Homes that were built prior to the 1970’s were constructed using what is known as Non-Ductile concrete. This ultimately means that the old concrete didn’t use a microfiber add mixture and its aggregate was unmonitored in size & shape. This Non- Ductile concrete was usually made from the natural materials found in the area. In the coastal cities the sand & aggregate that was mixed with the cement was Beach Sand, shells, & river rocks.

Non - Ductile Concrete by definition is not malleable and is extremely brittle, there for these structures can't break seismic pressure is applied. Prior to the 1976 Los Angeles Building Code prevision. concrete structures weren't required to use re-bar or tie down systems. 

In most areas your old home can be tied down to the existing foundation, this practice is known as “Seismic Retrofitting”. Unfortunately many of the older homes built in the Coastal Cities of Southern California where the foundations have been compromised this practice wont work due to crumbling. In these circumstances unfortunately a retrofit wont work and the foundation of the home must be replaced.

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